URETHANE 645 (Up to 49 sq. m coverage)

URETHANE 645 (Up to 49 sq. m coverage)

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solvent-based urethane coating designed to repel chemicals and abrasion. Available in a clear or colored high-gloss finish.


The Urethane 645 is a solvent-based, two-component polyester/aliphatic polyurethanecoating designed to coat concrete floors combining the highest quality of aliphatic urethane components. The Urethane 645 provides incredible abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Recommended for indoor areas with high risks of exposure to chemical spills, fuel, heavy equipment, extreme temperatures and any other potentially damaging situation the substrate may encounter.


Exceptional when used for:

  • Applications: A topcoat in garages, shop floors, warehouses
  • Substrates: Concrete

Not for use on:

  • Interior use only



  • Excellent hardness
  • Excellent durability
  • May be used as a topcoat or stand alone product


  • Stops dusting
  • Protects from chemical spills
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • UV Stable


  • Will form an excellent bond to concrete
  • Scratch resistant
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Available clear or colored


Urethane 645 meets or exceeds the following tests:

  • ASTM D-1308: Chemical Resistance
  • ASTM D-3363: Film Hardness
  • ASTM D-4541: Pull-Off Strength
  • ASTM D-4060: Abrasion Resistance
  • ASTM D-2794: Impact Resistance
  • ASTM D-3359: Adhesion

For complete Urethane 645 application, SDS Sheets, FAQ’s, testing and technical data visit www.ghostshield.com