About Us

Surface Protection Ltd is about 2 things only:

  • Protecting our world

  • Customer obsession

Protecting our world -

We all live in a face-paced environment where technology has changed the way we live and spend our free time. These days, time is too scarce to get out with a water blaster once a week and keep the moss from growing on our driveway or hop into gumboots and wash our car twice a week. This is why we believe passionately about protecting our investments with top quality products that will look after them for us. Why wash your windows once a month if you can protect them with Nanoglass and spend that time fishing?

This is what gives us our 'why' we do what we do. Striving every day to protect our world and keep it looking beautiful!


Customer Obsession -

The one thing we care equally about with protecting our planet is our customers! Without you we cant achieve our mission! This is why we will obsess over you, making ever part of your journey an enjoyable one. We believe customer obsession is a lot deeper than just satisfied/happy customers - it is about creating customers for life which is why we enjoy creating raving fans every single day we come to work! We will do whats right for you and then work backwards from there.




A few amazing brands we are proud to be selling are: