Glass Protection Service

Glass Protection Service

Nanoglass is an advanced, non-stick coating that creates self-cleaning glass and ceramic surfaces and results in up to 90 per cent less cleaning. Using nanotechnology, Nanoglass is completely invisible and lasts up to 10 years with a single application. 

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Fields of Application:

Commercial and Residential Architectural Glass | Curtain Walls | Glass Balustrades | Solar Panels | Shower Doors/Enclosures | Windows | Seaside Developments | Insulated Glass Units


Features and Benefits:

  • Minimum lifetime of 10 years - (Applicators or Resellers may offer warranty at time of purchase).
  • Significantly less cleaning time - up to 90% less cleaning!
  • Non-stick, easy to clean coating for glass - when cleaning is needed, it is super easy and fast.
  • Most easy to clean coatings are only hydrophobic, meaning they only repel water, not oil. Importantly, the Nanoglass coating is both hydrophobic and oleophobic, meaning it is a true easy clean coating that will repel water and oil for at least 10 years! Effectively it works like a non-stick fry pan.
  • Chemically changes the surface of the glass to make it non-stick. This is not a traditional coating/film and hence will not peel, flake or crack over time.
  • UV stable, non yellowing ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Provides protection against limescale, watermarks and other contamination.
  • Protects against the etching and pitting that can result from the likes of cement splatter, paint, render and plaster during construction. Eliminates the need to use razor blades to remove such contamination.
  • Industrial quality coating. Extreme durability verified by independent NATA approved testing.
  • Fast curing (15 minutes), allowing for easy QA and QC processing.
  • Does not make glass slippery. Therefore no occupational Health and Safety problems associated with glass slipping from suction devices, clamps or silicones. Furthermore, there is no need for edge deletion when coatings are applied.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaners with a microfiber cloth is all that is needed to maintain the coated glass.





The Nanoglass coating chemically (covalently) bonds with glass to produce an extremely durable coating. Not only is this coating highly chemical resistant, it also withstands abrasion orders of magnitude better than alternative materials available on the market. The results of the abrasion resistance testing shows that the coating material Nanoglass significantly out-performs all other competitive products tested. In fact, the Nanoglass coating showed little sign of deterioration, even after 10,000 double abrasion cycles. Industrial quality coating materials for application on glass as a hydrophobic coating should be capable of passing 5000 double abrasion cycles whereas all other industrial glass coatings tested failed in less than 1000 double abrasion cycles.


Glass Restoration:

Having trouble with water spots, limescale buildup and etched glass? We can help!!

No matter the size or condition of the surface to be restored, we can bring all glass back to life! Included in our glass restoration service, we will cut the glass back, removing all water spots and etched in buildup that has occured over time, bringing the glass back to a perfectly new condition! 

Complimenting this we will further protect the glass after restoration with a coating of Nanoglass to provide ease of maintenance for years to come!



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