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A highly Concentrated, VOC-free & non-toxic, easy to use glass treatment that permits driving during inclement weather without interior fogging, steaming or misting. Unique water-activated polymeric composition absorbs moisture and instantly clears the interior of vehicular transparencies.

New Zealand drivers will be all too aware of the hassle caused by interior fogging of windscreens - and the only way to effectively clear the windscreen is to give it a blast with the demister which can make the temperature uncomfortable inside the car and use more power.


Glass Science has a new answer. Fog Clear is part of the Glass Science range of products, offering motorists improved visibility while driving during inclement weather conditions.


This highly concentrated, non-toxic and easy to use product permits driving without interior fogging, steaming or misting. Simply apply a small amount onto a cloth or paper towel and apply on the glass, it’s as easy as that.


Fog Clear fills the microscopic pores of glass with an invisible moisture absorbent barrier that prevents condensation and promotes clear visibility and driving safety.


This means reduced time wasted waiting for the demister to clear the windscreen, or smears and streaks from wiping the windscreen.


Use Fog Clear on any interior auto glass – windshields, side and rear windows and rear view mirrors. Fog Clear can also be used on the inside of your sunglasses or motorcycle helmets to prevent fogging!