SILOXA-TEK 8505 (Up to 23.2 sq. m with 1 coat)
SILOXA-TEK 8505 (Up to 23.2 sq. m with 1 coat)
SILOXA-TEK 8505 (Up to 23.2 sq. m with 1 coat)
SILOXA-TEK 8505 (Up to 23.2 sq. m with 1 coat)

SILOXA-TEK 8505 (Up to 23.2 sq. m with 1 coat)

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An industrial-grade, water-basedsilane/siloxane concrete sealer engineered to reduce water and moisture intrusion, protect concrete from deicing salts and resist staining from oil and grease.


Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek® 8505 is a deep penetrating, high performing and long lasting water-based concrete sealer. It is able to resist water instrusion, deicing salts, chlorides, freeze-thaw cycles and staining from oils and greases. This proprietary {silane/siloxane} concrete sealer contains a proprietary stain repellent additive that makes cleaning up stains easier and dries completely clear with a natural finish that will not change the look or appearance of the susbtrate. It is an excellent choice to seal concrete driveways, garages, shop floors and patios. A great water-based alternative to the Siloxa-Tek 8510.


1 Gallon Coverage: Up to 23.2 sq. m 

Applications: Driveways/sidewalks, patios, pool decks, garages, chimneys

Substrates: Concrete, concrete blocks/cinderblocks, bricks, pavers, exposed aggregate, stucco, stone, slate, sandstone


  • Feature: Water, salt, oil & stain repellent
  • Chemistry: Modified Silane/Siloxane
  • Color: Milky white, dries clear
  • Finish: Invisible
  • Category: Penetrating
  • Carrier: Water
  • Packaging: 1 Gallon, 1 Gallon Ultra Concentrate
  • Coverage: Ready to Use: Up to 23.2sq. m per coat, Ultra Concentrate: Up to 116 sq. m per coat
  • Reconstitution Ratio: Ultra Concentrate: 1 part sealer : 4 parts water (distilled water is recommended)
  • Interior/Exterior: Interior/Exterior
  • Application Method: Sprayer, Roller, Brush
  • Number of Coats: 2, wet-on-wet
  • Time Between Coats: 5 Minutes
  • Drying Time (dry to touch): 6 Hours
  • Drying Time (full cure): 24 Hours
  • Time before/after rain: 48 Hours
  • New Concrete: Yes, at least 28 days after being poured
  • Storage/Shelf Life: 1 Year
  • Clean up: Soap/water
  • Paintable: No
  • VOC Content: 90 g/L

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