Xpress - Cleaner medium

Xpress - Cleaner medium

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Quick & Easy to Apply Durable Surface Protection

Contains: 236mL Cleaner


ToughGuard Xpress is specifically designed with high levels of Si14 particles to ensure maximum protection for high value surfaces. ToughGuard Xpress has millions of tiny nano-particles that instantly electrostatically bond to any hard surface. These particles fill in the microscopic pores and capillaries that dirt and contaminants normally bond to. A ToughGuard Xpress treated surface is easier to clean on well maintained surfaces.

Product Utilization:

ToughGuard Xpress is applicable practically on all types of surfaces, ie. plastics, vinyl, high grade steel, aluminum, glass, rubber, chrome-plated surfaces, mirrors, etc.
ToughGuard Xpress is heat resistant to temperatures as high as 572°F.

Basic Materials:

ToughGuard Xpress is waterbased Si14 combined with extra strong iosopolymers and copolymers.


  • Superior UV resistance
  • VOC Free
  • Biodegradable

Directions for use:

Ready to use. Spay down surface with clean water. Spray TG Xpress on surface. Wipe surface with a wet microfiber towel. Dry surface with microfiber towel.


Product Data:

  • Product Code: 2450
  • Type: Water based concentrate capable of being sprayed or wiped on surfaces.
  • Color: Semi-clear
  • Viscosity: Water thin
  • Flash Point: none
  • Odor: None

Limitations and Precautions:

  • Does not contain highly toxic chemicals, but do not ingest.
  • Keep it away from children.
  • Do not pour into improperly labeled containers
  • Material Safety Data Sheets are available in compliance with the worker’s “Right To Know Law”